In 1991, Attard & Co Foodstuffs Division began its Beverages Line by importing the well-known Italian brand of coffee, Saquella. We mainly penetrated the HoReCa market with Saquella coffee and soon became leaders in this sector. We pride ourselves in offering an excellent 24/7 technical After Sales Service, to ensure any problems with coffee machines can be fixed immediately, allowing our clients peace of mind that they can continue serving richly aromatic coffee to their customers at all hours. At Attard & Co we value the art of coffee making, thus as part of our After Sales Service, we offer training to Baristas in the proper technique of making an authentic Italian espresso and cappuccino.

In addition to coffee, we also acquired the prestigious ‘Whittard of Chelsea’ brand of English teas and offer a full range of their fine blends of worldwide teas. Attard and Co also imports a range of fruit juices and more recently our beverages portfolio has expanded with the addition of the top quality Decantea brand of Welsh spring water, which is recognised as one of the top 5 bottled water brands in the premium sector of the market. Top quality products continue to be the name of the game for Attard & Co.

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Attard & Co’s Wines and Spirits Division was conceived with the vision of importing quality produce from every corner of the World to the Maltese Islands. We only select wines that truly embody the Culture, Tradition, and History of their regions of origin. Thus our mission is to provide wines and spirits for local consumption at every price level, that give our customers the experience of the “World’s Culture in a Glass”. To this end, we source out winemakers and distillers who have a great love and respect of their land, and use traditional methods and individual passion to transform the earth’s fruits into fine wines and spirits for us to enjoy by the glass.

At Attard & Co Wines and Spirits our cellars are stocked with an extensive range of wines and spirits. Traditionally we imported wines from mainland Europe, but  we have since expanded our horizons to bring in New World Wines resulting in an ever-growing portfolio of quality wines. Our cellars are stocked with refined bottles of Reds from Piemonte and Tuscany, Côte-Rôtie from the Rhone Valley, Chateaux bottled Bordeaux and fine Burgundies amongst many others from Mainland Europe, as well as a range of wines from Lebanon, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, South Australia and New Zealand. We even stock our own local produce of Gaudex Wines from the unique Mediterranean climate of the Isle of Gozo. Complementing this portfolio of wines is a range of spirits, including fine XO Cognacs and barrel-matured single vine Grappas.

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In 2006 Attard & Co (Foodstuffs) Ltd took another step forward in the food section and introduced the Confectionery Division. The aim was to offer our esteemed clients in the HoReCa sector a complete range of confectionery products and this division has since become one of the leading suppliers of Bakery, Confectionery and Ice-Cream products in Malta.  Attard & Co’s Confectionary Division represents a number of European confectionery manufacturers including British Bakels, Fabbri 1905 spa., Bakbel, Cassiba spa., Morgana, cone Norge, and Wisselar.  We import a range of raw ingredients that local catering establishments can use for the production of Bread, Pastries and Ice-cream. Through our joint efforts, some of our clients have even managed to get tailor-made products exclusively for their outlets. In addition the Confectionery Division has also recently expanded into our own local branded range of products (Pasticce Mie) which are available in supermarkets, grocery stores and confectionery outlets.

At Attard & Co Confectionery Division we strongly believe that good quality products, efficient after Sales Service and Technical Support are the main characteristics that distinguish us from the rest and provide our clients with the essential ingredients they need to propel their business forward. Our Motto is: “We are glad to be at your service” and we pride ourselves in offering excellent, long-term After Sales technical support to our clients. Many of our clients have even had the privilege of receiving technical support through contact with our international brands’ technical personnel.  All this has been the foundation for our rapid pace of growth and continued success over such a short period of time.

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Attard & Co (Foodstuffs) Ltd strives for excellence in product quality, customer satisfaction and personnel development through effective marketing strategies, focused on innovation and service, and through efficient distribution of quality branded food and beverage products.  Market penetration at all levels has and will continue to be at the core of its activities. Its core values are honesty, integrity, dependability, reliability and commitment and Attard & Co (Foodstuffs) is dedicated to ensuring these values are an integral part of its work ethic.

Attard & Co (Foodstuffs) Ltd has developed a corporate vision aimed at becoming one of the largest foodstuff importers and distributors in Malta. The company commits itself to continuously expand its already extensive portfolio of branded, high quality food and beverage products and to continue to invest in its human and technological resources to bring this vision to fruition.

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