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New range of Gluten Free Recipes by Jacqui Farrugia!
Wednesday 31 July 2013
New range of Gluten Free Recipes by Jacqui Farrugia!
Jacqui Farrugia has always had a passion for food, but her enthusiasm came to a sudden halt when she found out she had Celiac Disease and had to be gluten-free for the rest of her life. This was until she started exploring other recipes and experimenting with new ingredients that would let her keep her hobby and still enjoy the taste of good food in good company. With support, research, patience and a desire to learn, living the gluten free lifestyle has become less daunting. Instead, cooking has become even more challenging. She will share her recipes, tips and experiences to help make the life of those confused about what gluten free means and how to work around it.

'It is possible to eat well and live very well if you have Celiac disease. My goal is to help you get healthy and live well, too!"

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